• Humanitarian Assistance

When a disaster hits — whether it’s a drought, tsunami or civil war — Lutheran World Relief works over months and years to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to help people recover and adjust to new realities. ​

Natural disasters and conflict-driven emergencies ravage the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people each year. While emergencies affect people at all societal and economic levels, the world’s poorest suffer the most because they have the fewest resources to prepare for a crisis and the fewest resources to rebuild afterward. ​

We work hand in hand with vulnerable communities to help rebuild after disaster strikes as well as avoid or prepare for future disasters. ​

In the days and weeks after a disaster, we are on the ground helping to meet people’s immediate needs. ​And in the months and years following, we are dedicated to working with them to ensure that they can rebuild better and stronger than before.