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Offering comfort and care to those who need it most

Often, when natural disasters strike or when war drives families from their homes, our hearts ache with compassion, but we don’t know how to help. Making Lutheran World Relief Kits is a simple, fun and tangible way to offer comfort to those suffering and express love to our neighbors in need.

LWR Kits are specifically designed to help people coping with poverty, disaster, conflict and more. Whether a kit helps someone to maintain good hygiene, care well for a newborn baby, keep education going during a crisis or learn a new vocation, LWR Kits provide dignity and hope in the direst situations.

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  • $1.00 ships one LWR Fabric Kit
  • $1.40 ships one LWR School Kit
  • $2.65 ships one LWR Personal Care Kit,
    and adds a tube of toothpaste
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