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Let your love shine with the
Quilt & Kit Affinity Pin

For four generations, you've extended God's mercy through the warmth of more than 27 million Mission Quilts and countless kits of care. Each quilt sewn and each kit packed is a statement of faith, hope and love.

Inspired by the love you share with our neighbors in need around the world, we've created the Quilt & Kit Affinity Pin to say THANK YOU for your love and generosity.

Please complete the form below to order your affinity pin. No email address? No problem. You can order by phone at 800.597.5972.

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Quilt & Kit Affinity Pin Prayer

Here's a prayer to use when you receive your Affinity Pin, or as a prayer to bless the quilts and kits you make: 

Dear God, 

Thank you for this beautiful community you have stitched together across the United States and across the world. We celebrate all that brings us together in this community, and dedicate our faithfulness, creativity and compassion to this ministry. 

Please bless the work we do together, those our quilts comfort and warm, and everyone involved in transporting, protecting and distributing these gifts of our hearts and hands. Open us to see your face in one another whether in person, through the miracle of technology, or even in the warm embrace of our imagination. 

Thank you for inviting us in to be part of these bright, beautiful, colorful bursts of your kingdom into the world! 


Frequently asked questions
What does the pin look like?

The pin is 1.25" by 1.25", the perfect size for letting your love shine! Each pin has a black rubber pin clutch and pins are individually bagged.

When will I receive my Affinity Pin?

To be the best stewards of our resources, we will be mailing Affinity Pins in batches to take advantage of bulk postage rates. This means that your pin may not arrive for several weeks. 

I don’t have an email address. Can I still order?

No email address? No problem. You can order by phone at 800.597.5972.

Thank you for being a faithful member of the LWR Quilt & Kit Ministry. We are so grateful for you.