Volunteer to quilt

Volunteer to quilt for kids and families in need

Often, when natural disasters strike or war drives families from their homes, our hearts ache with compassion but we don’t know how to help. If you’ve wondered how to volunteer to quilt for charity, look no further. Making Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilts is a tangible way to express love to our neighbors in need. Quilts can be used as warm bedding, simple tents or floor coverings. Each one reflects God's loving presence in a world rife with suffering. 

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The Quilt & Kit Ministry: Our longest running program

LWR distributed its first quilts in 1945 to families in war-torn Europe following the Second World War. Within a decade, the ministry was reaching around the globe to villages far removed from the world’s attention. Today, an average of 300,000 quilts are lovingly given worldwide each year.

LWR Mission Quilts are highly regarded throughout the world because of their quality and consistency. Your careful adherence to our quilt-making guidelines will ensure that every quilt is useful, consistent and fair.

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LWR Mission Quilts connect hands and hearts around the world

LWR Mission Quilts create a tangible, lasting bond between the people who lovingly assemble them, and our neighbors around the world, who receive quilts in their greatest times of need.

We give thanks to the countless men, women, and youth who assemble LWR Mission Quilts every year. If you’d like to learn more and become a part of this ministry of love, visit lwr.org/quilts.

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Experienced quilters mentor church youth in quilting

St. Luke Ministries in Chicago, Illinois, brings together quilters across the age spectrum to make LWR Mission Quilts to share with people in need around the world. 

The intergenerational effort started around 2000, and matches up middle schoolers with experienced quilters to teach them how to make LWR Quilts. Over time, the students gain enough experience and confidence to make the quilts on their own.

Being part of such a meaningful service project is very moving for the youth involved. “This was the first time I did something with my hands that would help people. I know other people will be using it to keep warm,” says 13-year-old quilter Giselle Escamilla.

Ensure LWR Quilts & Kits reach those most in need

Your gifts to the Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund ensure LWR Mission Quilts reach people coping with poverty, disaster, conflict and more.

  • $27 delivers 12 LWR Mission Quilts where needed most
  • $105 ships 75 LWR School Kits to children displaced by disaster
  • $500 sends 385 baby kits to children in need
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