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Around the world, millions of our fellow brothers and sisters live in extreme poverty, beyond the reach of life-sustaining resources. Hunger is pervasive, and they are cut off from health care, education and other basic services. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out to families in need and help them transition from survival to stability through a Thrivent Action Team.

Thrivent Action Teams allow you to support the work of Lutheran World Relief while taking part in a meaningful fundraiser, service activity or educational event. Once you are approved to lead a team, Thrivent will send you a Thrivent Action Team Kit and up to $250 in seed money for your volunteer activity.

The possibilities are endless. Bring together friends to make and donate LWR Mission Quilts with the seed money. Or host an LWR Farmers Market Coffee fundraiser and use the proceeds to purchase a Goat from the LWR Gifts catalog. Get started today!

Make Quilts and Kits of Care

You’ll reach families in crisis with essentials that provide warmth and comfort and support health and education.

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