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Leave A Gift In Your Will

Through planned giving, you can help to create a brighter tomorrow for neighbors in need. Have you considered how a gift in your will can extend your love long into the future?


Coffee farmers Wadamba Dison and his wife Nafuna Oliver are perfect examples of how planned giving can help families to create brighter futures.

Start your will
Online for free

Making a will is one of the most meaningful ways to share God’s love now and long into the future.

To help you plan your estate, we are offering a free will-writing service that you can use to safely and, securely create a legal will in as little as 20 minutes.


By clicking the above button, you will leave our website and go to the website of our partner, FreeWill.

Sharing love that lasts beyond a lifetime

Since 1945, Lutherans like you have shared your love and blessings with neighbors in need around the world. By leaving a gift in your will, you will continue to provide food, water, medical care and more to neighbors in some of the world’s most forsaken places.

For mothers like Josephine Achola, that love is life-transforming.


When Josephine fled the war in South Sudan, she didn't know what would await her family. When they arrived at the refugee camp in Uganda. They have known hunger, danger, loss and fear. Today they also know they are loved, because your generosity ensures they have enough food to grow and eat and enough clean water to drink. Now her children have the opportunity to play, go to school and grow up healthy — a generation full of hope.

Let your love flourish — to Josephine and so many others — by pledging a gift in your will. Learn how by requesting our Guide to Leaving A Gift in Your Will today.

Are you ready to write your will? Let us help.


As you discern the gifts you’d like to leave, let us provide resources to easily create your will to ensure that the people and things you love are taken care of.


Lutheran World Relief has partnered with FreeWill to provide an online resource to assist you in writing your free legal will. It includes all the necessary language to help you share your love with our most forsaken neighbors. By answering a few questions, you can make a will in as little as 20 minutes. FreeWill can be used with or without an attorney and is offered to supporters of Lutheran World Relief entirely free. 


Recommended Legal Language

If you are working with a legal professional to create a will and would like to designate a gift to Lutheran World Relief, please use one of the following legally recognized instructions: 

  • I, [name], of [address], give [X%] of my real and personal estate to Lutheran World Relief, EIN 13-2574963. 700 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21230-3850, towards its unrestricted charitable purposes  
  • I, [name], of [address], give [X%] of the residue of my real and personal estate to Lutheran World Relief, EIN 13-2574963. 700 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21230-3850, towards its unrestricted charitable purposes
  • I, [name], of [address], give the sum of ${X] to Lutheran World Relief, EIN 13-2574963. 700 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21230-3850, towards its unrestricted charitable purposes.




Relationships and situations change, so it is a good idea to review your will from time to time to ensure that it is up to date. Also, the laws of each state are different, so we encourage you to seek the advice of qualified legal counsel before finalizing your will or trust.


If you have any questions as you prayerfully consider a gift in your will, please feel free to call upon Lee Grant, Planned Giving Manager, at @email or one of our team of experts.

Partners in Lasting Promise

We call our friends who pledge gifts in their wills Partners in Lasting Promise because it is through their gifts that our life saving work will go on, continuing to reach families in need around the world… until your love reaches every neighbor.

Join Partners in Lasting Promise by leaving a gift in your will or trust to Lutheran World Relief. In return you can expect: 

  • A biannual copy of Lasting Promise magazine (September and March).  
  • Updates on how planned gifts are changing the lives of those who need it most.  
  • Invitations to exclusive events, featuring projects funded through estate gifts. 
  • Support and information from our Donor Advisors and the Planned Giving Manager.  

Being part of this society also allows you to choose which communications you would like to receive from Lutheran World Relief, to ensure that we are sharing the appeals, updates and success stories you want to see.

If you’ve already designated a gift in your will to Lutheran World Relief, we’d love to welcome you to our Partners in Lasting Promise Society. Letting us know about your gift also helps us to plan carefully now with an eye to the future. Please contact us today.

Take your first step to becoming a Partner in Lasting Promise by downloading this information PDF.

We are here to support you

If you require any further information or would like to speak to the team, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Lee Grant,Planned Giving Manager lgrant@lwr.org 410.230.2827