Your love goes TWICE the distance

Imagine it’s almost Christmas day in the Castrovirreyna province of Peru, high up in the Andes mountains, where you live. You’re just one rainstorm away from the only road in your village disappearing again — cutting you off from the world.

There is no magic in the air this Christmas. Just an empty belly and a lonely night.


This is what the holidays can feel like for families, like Deysi’s, who live in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach villages. They feel forgotten and abandoned as they struggle and starve — barely surviving on the only type of potato they can grow.

Deysi and her family pray for caring people, like you, who believe that wherever you are born, whatever the circumstances, every person in the world is a child of God who is worthy of love…no matter how far.

Just in time for Christmas, a group of caring donors who want to help our hardest-to-reach neighbors, like Deysi, has challenged you to send a donation by December 25. When you do, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar! So:

Deysi and her family felt forsaken and isolated until your love found a way to reach their lost village and delivered farming tools, fast-growing seeds, agriculture training and hope for a bright future.  

Deysi was a mere child when your love first found her high in a remote Andean village. Today her family — including her young daughter Alice — is thriving because of you. 

Thanks to your caring heart, Deysi now has a greenhouse filled with leafy and vitamin-rich vegetables and can harvest a wider variety of potatoes. She also raises animals that provide protein and help her earn a sustainable income.

And your steadfast love multiplies to help a second generation! Deysi’s young daughter, Alice, will grow up eating nutritious food … and enjoy the promise of a hopeful future and joyous holidays. Alice also has a strong role model in her mother who, thanks to your support, is now studying to become a nurse. 

You can help hard-to-reach communities like Deysi’s who URGENTLY need your help this Christmas!

Your most generous gift today will DOUBLE to:  

  • Deliver vegetable seeds so families can grow their own healthy and diverse produce, feeding their children and earning an income.  

  • Provide families with chicken and hens for a steady source of protein.   

  • Give a joyful and healthy start to life for babies around the globe.   

Your compassion shows your neighbors who feel forgotten that they have someone in the world who cares.  

No matter how far, your love can reach them and provide healthy food, comforting quilts and a safe place to rest their heads at night.